You’re struggling to run effective online fundraisers, so I found you answers.

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This Bootcamp is a combo of on-demand content library, a live presentation, and Q&A session with our panel of nonprofit experts who’ve tackled the fundraising challenges you’re facing.

I asked them your questions and some of my own (I love smart people!), recorded their conversations, created “take-and-bake” recipes with easy actionable steps, and I uploaded them into a library of on-demand content for you.

When you sign up, you’ll get access to the On-Demand Library immediately (interviews with nonprofit experts), and marketing recipes.

The best part is, this Bootcamp adapts to your schedule and learning style! You can watch the videos, listen to the audio, and read the content – however and whenever you want.

And then you can bring your questions to the Live Q&A with our expert panel on Aug. 5th at 10am CST.

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  • Why are some nonprofits able to create “effortless” online events, while others are not even sure where to start?
  • Why do some generate donations online with ease, while others are paralyzed by technology?
  • Why have some nonprofits easily transitioned into fundraising online, while others are afraid to even ask for donations in our current environment?

Monica Pitts

Founder and CEO of MayeCreate Design

With the help of other experts in the nonprofit community, I’ll share the answers to these questions with you so you can organize a successful online fundraising event on a shoestring.

Full disclosure: I’m not an event planner. 

I’m not selling you an event platform.  I am a tech geek marketing lady who has found solutions for nonprofits for the past 20 years, helping them promote their good work online. 

I run one huge online fundraising event a year, CoMoGives — which is amazing and generates over $940,000 for our local non-profits.

What that experience and my team’s tech savvy, combined with other experts in the nonprofit community, we can give you the support you need to run a highly successful online fundraiser.

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What’s included in this Bootcamp?

Specifically designed for small to medium-sized nonprofits, this Online Fundraising Event Bootcamp allows you to learn from the successes and challenges of others, offers expert advice from seasoned event planners through a combination of on-demand content and live support, and lets you consume the content at your own pace.

This Bootcamp adapts to your schedule and learning style!

We each interview is available in three ways! You can watch the videos, listen to the audio, and read the content – whenever you want. We’ll cover:

How to evaluate which event is right to take online for meeting your fundraising and outreach goals

Live Q&A session with experts and nonprofits who’ve done it before

“Take-and-bake” recipes to market your event successfully so you’re not wasting time creating them from scratch

On-demand content covering:

  • How to build value for your event sponsors
  • Tips for running a streaming event online
  • What to plan for your virtual golf tournament
  • Ways to bring your Gala online
  • Why now may be the perfect time for a non-event fundraiser
  • How to keep your audience engaged during your online event
  • The ins and outs of running a successful trivia night

We have a passion for helping nonprofits.

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